Eryn Annecy Dance Company

Est. 2009

The Eryn Annecy Dance Company began in 2009 under the name "Expressions," as a dance group in aid of several local charities in Jersey. The group performed at many events between 2009 and 2012.


London and University  led the company away from commerical dance and toward the ever growing world of contemporary dance performance.  


Thus the Eryn Annecy Dance Company was founded.


The company worked with the Society for Dance Research, collaborating a performance for their annual conference help in February 2015 (Compassion, Or I have Another Ache). They then went on to collaborate a full performance in the November (The Conversation) performed at Royal Holloway University in The Boiler House Theatre. The company also participated in an episode of Strictly Come Dancing and competed at national levels.

The company then became resident at  Bristol Grammar School and worked with younger company members, collaborating performances and running dance classes. The company continues to do extremely well competitively  and provides excellent opportunities  for students in acro, contemporary, commercial, tap and jazz dance.