Past Projects

Trio Blue

Trio Blue was the last performance piece Eryn collaborated at RHUL. The piece was an exploration of whether it is possible to create performance wihout intent or meaning. The effects of that were then studied and evaluated as part of Eryn's final year, special project. This piece was semi-improvisational and resulted in the audience developing narratives for themselves. It is clear that as an audience, we look for meaning in art and even when there is no meaning to be found, we create it.

The Conversation

The Conversation was Eryn's last big performance at RHUL. The piece dealt with anxiety and depression as common young adult issues that are not well understood by those who do not suffer with them. The Conversation had a cast of 17 and is available as a recording to view. Eryn worked alongside Nickie Hughes once again to put this project together. This piece was the first devised show to be performed at RHUL outside the curriculum.

RHUL Dance Society

Eryn was President of the RHUL Dance Societ 2014/2015. In her first year at the university Eryn was a dedicated member of the competitive team, leading her to take on the roll of Jazz choreographer. At the Socieiets ball in March 2014 Eryn was awarded the "Freshman of the Year" award and shortly afterward was elected as President.  During her time as President Eryn led the competitive team to victory, created a Mental Health Awareness video that has over 1,000 views on YouTube and  worked with the BBC on a Strictly Come Dancing Comic Relief special, which aired nationally in March 2015. 


Or I have Another ache

On the 20th and 21st February 2015, Royal Holloway Drama and Theatre department will be host to a Society for Dance Research conference entitled "Dancing Economies - Currency, Value and Labour." Eryn was selected to create a piece of dance theatre to be performed at the conference, and is working with a cast of 14 vocalists, actors and dancers, to create a Bausch-inspired piece. 

Flowers Today

The final competition of the inter-university 2014/2015 season was held at Kings College London. Eryn choreographed the contemporary team who placed 3rd overall at the final awards. The piece was a spoken word piece following the poem "I got flowers today" by Paulette Kelly. The dance was a tribute to domestic violence victims and stunned the audience into silence and recieved a standing ovation.

Previous Work


Expressions was the foundation of the Eryn Annecy Dance Company, formed in 2009.


A group of us spent much of our spare time dancing, and we loved it so one day when we were asked to join up with a local singing club for some charity events, I jumped at the chance. My sister was a part of the singing group, and we worked together for a number of years, right up until my last year on the island. it was great fun and gave me such great expereince. We performed in so many different places and even had t-shirts made! I'm so grateful to Nikki, who ran the singing club, for giving me the oppertunity despite the fact I was only 13! She's is the reason I found my passion for choreography; I hope one day I'll take the EADC back to the island, to finish where I started.

The Red Shoes

"The Red Shoes" - An original musical produced in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, 2010.


"The Red Shoes!" was my big first leap of faith. In Jersey there was very limited oppertunity for young theatre makers to gain expereince, and as everyone going into the business knows, your expereicne is probably your most valuable asset. When I was 16 I decided I wasnted to make my own oppertunity; I'd been working with Expressions for almost three years and I was ooking for the next step, what could I do to push myself next. In the autumn of 2009 by drama class entered the Eisteadfodd - a local competition - and my group did very well. I thought that the storyline we had come up with, which was a cross over between The Wizard of Oz and Hans Christian Anderson's "The Red Shoes" would work well as a full scale production. Myself and a friend from school started putting it toegther, and we then roped in Connor Burgher, who has been amazing throughout my professional life. I'm really bad a music and tech stuff, and he saved my neck several times! We put the show toegther and then rehearsed for 6 months - me doing the choregraphy/directing. It played in the summer of 2010 at Reg's Garden Theatre, and we raised just over £1,000 for TCT.


"Counting" was a group physical theatre piece put toegther for the 2011 Jersey Eisteadfodd.


This piece was one of the most beautiful pieces of work I have ever been involved in creating, and my biggest regret is that we never had it recorded. It was 20 minuites long and told the story of five 9/11 victims through flash back and dance. It was myslef, three girls from the year above me and a boy from my year. I was in year  12 at the time. We received a platinum award for it and were asked to give  a special performance of it the follwing week after the competition.



Little Shop of Horrors

"Little Shop of Horrors" was Hautlieu School's musical in December 2011.


Whilst at school my passion lay in performing. I liked choreography and collaboration but I was convinced I was going to go to drama school and be an actress. I remember waiting for my Little Shop audition thinking, I don't really think I want to be doing this. When I went in I said I had changed my mind and could I audition just to be a dancer - I remember my drama teacher was shocked! There wasn't a designated choreographer, our teacher cast six dancers and gave us free reign. I was late one day to rehearsal and I cam in to find the other girls waiting for me - I felt so flattered that they were looking to me to lead them, baring in mind I think I was the youngest! I was credited in the programme for choreography, as despite it starting out as a collaboration, my natural leadership qualities kicked in and that was the first time I choreographed for someone else. Up until now I had been completely incharge, and I have o say it was quite refreshing to just have the one job!

Lillie Langtry

"Lillie Langtry" Origional Musical. Year 12 Exam Project. 2012


I took Performance Studies for A-Level, which meant that in Year 12 we studied musicals, and had to make one of our own. I was thrilled because I'd already done one before so for me it was a welcome task. We were grouped and we chose to focus on the story of Lillie Langtry - we had to choose something based on our local area's history. Lillie was a successful actress who was born in Jersey. We then wrote a story around the little facts that were available to us, and as myself and one other girl were very dance orientated, our piece was very dance based. I really enjoyed choreographing fot this project becuase it was the first time one of our exam pieces included singing and dance, until this point everyhting was very script based which I hated, and still hate!



Guys and Dolls

"Guys and Dolls" was Hautlieu School's Musical in 2012.


After Little Shop of Horrors and how much I had enjoyed choreographing, I decided that I much preferred to rehearse with eveyone and then on the show night stand back and watch everyone else. It gave me the most overwhelming sense of pride and that was when I knew that I belonged in the theatre but not necesarily on the stage. Being on stage had never made me as happy as watching my friends dance what I had taight them did. I auditioned and was given the job of choreographer for Guys and Dolls, and this was the last time (so far) that I'd choreograph for a musical, which was weird as they'd always been such a huge part of my life. I'd been a member of the JADC and the Jersey Green Room Club, and been in musical after musical after musical, and had a hand in creating several through school or The Red Shoes, so it is strange to think about it now as I've moved on to such different styles of combining dance, acting and singing,


"Gravestones" - An artaudian piece created in 2013. Final Year Project


This was the last project I did at school, and was much like the Lillie Langtry Project the year before. We made our piece after being given the stimulus of the painting you see to the left "The Resurection, Cookham Churchyard". There were six of us and we each played one of the dead in the cemetary, and our piece was in an episodic style detailing how each character had died. I did the choreography and made a really interesting shadow video for one section, as we wanted to stage a murder without it becoming farce. That was the first time I worked with film and dance, and it was a lot of fun. This expereience is what led me to want to inlude camera work in my furture projects, especially when I got to uni as so much more equipment was available to me.

The Jersey Battle of Flowers

"Jersey Battle of Flowers," local annual event held on the second Thursday in August.


Battle day is probably my favourite day of the year, better than Christmas. It's this huge festival we have and have had for so many years. I began dancing with St Martin's Battle of Flowers Assosiation back in 2010, where I danced with the seniour float, and was asked to choreograph for the Juniour float. That was my first time working with very young children since The Red Shoes when my youngest member was 5. It was great fun and I was soon hooked - the community element of it is amazing and it's one of the things that makes Jersey so unique. In 2011 and 2012 I continued to dance with the seniours and choreograph for the juniours, and then in 2013 I also took over the choreography for the seniours, so that year I did both, and last year we just did one big one so that was a new challenge! I am now on the committee for the assosiation, doing my bit from Surrey! I was delighted to play the part of Elphaba on this years "Journey to Oz" themed float which took inspiration from 'The Wizard of Oz' and hit west end musical 'Wicked.' I look forward to next year with great excitment.


Competitive History

Competition is one of my favourite things about classical and aesthetic dance. I went to dancing school whist at home for nearly all my life, and took most of my major exams in ballet, tap and modern, and then as an extra I studied jazz, greek and contemporary. My only regret is that I didn't start competing sooner! But to be honest I didn't really believe in myself very much, as a dancer. I was so grateful to be a part of Team Jersey in the 2012 Dance World Cup, and to have taken part in the Dance Eisteadfodd. 


My love for competition really came out however when I started at Royal Holloway, University of London. I joined the dance society and auditioned for the competitive teams. I started just on the tap team, and then progressed to tap, contemporary and jazz, and then onto ballet. It's such a great expereince and I met my best friends that was. My team became like my family, especially as I was feeling a little wobbly after moving from weeny Jersey. Click the grey box for a full list of my competitive achievements.